The Best New, Used & Refurbished Office Furniture Company

What does it mean to be the best new, used and refurbished office furniture company?

  1. Does size and geographic reach matter? The only reason that size plays a part in being the best is that it allows a better client experience with: better purchasing power with vendors, increased ability to buy high quality used furniture across the country, to better service clients in different markets.
  2. Does service matter? Absolutely, being the best means providing the best customer experience and having the best service is a big part of that.  This means from the time a customer walks in the door, calls or emails, to the time they receive their invoice the should be thinking “Wow, I never expected to receive that level of service buying value priced new, used and refurbished furniture.”  This is why we invest in a dedicated design staff, customer service department, expert sales representative and installation teams.  In addition, we are working on the latest technology platforms to allow our clients to see what they are ordering, get real time updates on their orders and check out our used inventory online. Our service gives our clients’ confidence that regardless of what happens they will be very well taken care of.
  3. Does product matter? Without quality and affordable product, the service would be meaningless.  The ability to provide new, used and refurbished furniture allows us to fit a client’s budget while providing a quality product that matches their existing product and looks fantastic.  To be the best, you need to have the best solutions to the clients’ needs and we believe having new, used and refurbished furniture gives us that edge.
  4. Do people matter? We believe the answer is that people matter over everything else.  We can have the best products, best processes, best locations, best technology and without the best people none of those things would matter.  Think about a great restaurant were you had a terrible server, you probably never went back.  We believe in hiring the best people, investing in their continued education and growth, giving them the things they need to be successful.  The people are the biggest part of what the client experiences, and we believe if we take care of our people they will take care of the clients.
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